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This CD “Volver” is titled as such because it is a return back to Mito’s roots. He employs ideas from Andean rhythms and melodies to traditional Flamenco palos. Three of the songs on this CD; “Volver”, “Sueno”, and “Verano” were written when he was only 19, that being 2 years after picking up the guitar. This CD is full of amazing four and five part vocal harmonies, as well as wonderfully difficult guitar pieces in the form of an “Alegria” and “Buleria”.

Traditional Flamenco guitar styles and forms mixed with jazz as well as a couple Rumbas for those who like to dance are in this CD, “Sea yo” (Let me be), Mito also uses multimeters of 10/8 & 11/8 in his composition “El sol y la mar” (The Sun & the Moon – Soleares) making it “non-traditional”.  This CD is expressive and fun.

Strictly Classical guitar… this CD, “Old World Classical Guitar”.  Mito chose difficult pieces such as Sevilla and Cádiz for this compilation as well as standard favorites, such as, Leyenda and Boureé in E minor.  His expression and articulation are unique interpretations to old standards. This CD is serene and beautiful.

Many standard Flamenco Guitar and Flamenco Vocal pieces saturate this CD, “Ser un humano” (To be Human) Mito composed such “palos” (forms) as, siguiriyas, and solea por bulerias, holding true to tradition and the 12/8 meter and yet integrating complex jazz chords.  This CD is emotional and cerebral at the same time.


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